I love meat! A lot! And surprisingly during the meal, I did not miss it one bit! And though i attempted, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to eat everything that this beautiful place has to offer. 

To break it out straight, The food here is top priority and delicious! And once we were guided briefly by the Manager Mr. Jeetendra, a seemingly never-ending succession of dishes followed. All packed with pleasant surprises.


Starting from the unusual tangy samosa soup, (Samosa in a soup :)) now who would have thought of that ??) reminiscent of strong familiar influence of this fried counterpart and it was fabulous! It’s a complex and spicy lentil-based soup, with cabbage, bean sprouts, and chunks of samosas providing texture and taste. I am usually not a soup person but for this, I am all in!









To succulent salad sampler, the tea leaf was my favourite from the lot! I ended up ordering full sizes of these. Its a famed dish and the texture of this salad was unique, it was soft, crunchy, crispy and unique and apparently I could munch on this for days straight! the other two salads vary in complexity and we tried mock meat salad as well that left a lasting impression to say the least. 





And precisely cooked tofu mash with Parantha, which is essentially chickpea tofu, soy-free and vegan! A staple in Burmese culture for many years, originating in the Shan state of Myanmar. Want to dig history? Make use of google baba cos all I’m gonna tell you is, This dish convinced us that chickpea flour is a miracle food! 



Also, the signature dish of silky and spicy khowsuey, the taste=terrific, we’re still lost for words. I can’t quite pin point what it is about this dish that I love so much, whether it’s the delicate yet creamy coconut milk,, the tanginess of the lime you add at the end or the mix of garnishes you put on top ! Infact, an array of different contrasting condiments/toppings that takes this dish to the next level and give it a burst of amazing flavours. 


Each dish was exceptional, incredible and bursting with whirlwind of flavours, which is why We kept ordering more and as die hard carnivores, there was plenty to interest us on the menu!

The rice dumplings(single bite wonder) with crispy papaya salad on top is a stellar! The accompanying dip takes it to another level. Another item worth mentioning is their take on falafel, which might translate to manchurian on your plate; not that I’m complaining! 















I still can’t get over how delicious the food is here and let me tell you, their desserts deserve accolades for the creativity and exceptional flavour balance! 

Kudos to chef K B, the chocolate caramel dome with decadent chocolate ganache with roasted almonds, vanilla sponge and sea salt caramel encased in dark chocolate rose mould with its multi layers of textures and flavours will keep wooing you! It’s such a stellar to look at!









The coco Pina with coconut custard served with pineapple foam and toffee is beautiful and the hazelnut crunch with delectable chocolate mousse is fantastic! 



















Our drinks were beyond perfection and fried nadru, lotus stem was perfect accompaniment to nurse along! We’re still drooling as we quote it all down. Also, Attention to details like that of serving wide metal straw for uninterrupted flow of drinks is highly appreciated. 


Portion Sizes are great and the service was faultless! Our server mr. devendar kumar is a gem! Friendly yet super attentive and kept recommending dishes and happily catered to us during the time of our meal. 
Another server mr. jiten did great with recommending us perfect desserts marking the beautiful end to our meal in glorious atmospheric ambience.

Thank you to team Burma Burma, we had a great time! And more than just a meal, it was a culinary experience. I was able to scratch the surface on my first visit, but i will most certainly be back to dive deeper. 

Super recommend! Go check’em out! You must! 

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Gina Vaswani · October 21, 2018 at 3:32 pm

Visually everything looks appealing and tempting I am sure taste will be next level your words itself make me want to visit the restaurant soon the way you describe a dish makes me imagine the taste of it my mouth Superb keep doing the good work👍👌

Richa Mina · October 24, 2018 at 8:03 am

Omg such detailed descriptions and mouthwatering pictures has made me utterly tempted to immediately try food in the restaurant. Thanks for sharing the place

Gurjeet Chhabra · October 24, 2018 at 11:47 am

so much unique and mouth-watering dishes, I will make it a point to go in one of my family celebration here. so tempting looking food

Sayeri · October 24, 2018 at 6:21 pm

I have never tried such dishes! Samossa in soup,😊 have to try once. All the salads are so colorful. I have tried dumplings but the other two I have never tried. The desert part is just fabulous. Now I’m craving for that chocolate dome!!!😢

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